EP 16

Improving Your Employee’s Training Level with Jeremiah Broz – Episode 16

Level Up Claims
March 29, 2023

Episode Description

Jeremiah Broz, CEO of Energy Advantage Roofing and Solar, discusses the importance of instilling core values such as gratitude, resilience, accountability, and empowerment (GRACE) in employees. He explains how his company has implemented these values, and how they conduct training, development, and performance reviews. Jeremiah also emphasizes the need for supporting employees and providing a strong value proposition to set his company apart from competitors. He believes in continuous skill development and accepting social responsibility to level up others. Who’s The Guest? Jeremiah Broz is the Founder and CEO of Energy Advantage Roofing and Solar. With his forward thinking and ability to learn from his mistakes, he is one of the top performing entrepreneurs in his industry. His success is fueled by a relentless pursuit of making a profitable business and a purposeful life. Jeremiah is also an accomplished leader: He changed the lives of 700 (and counting) professionals by providing them with training, mentoring, and life coaching. He teaches these aspiring professionals to not only be passionate with what they do with their businesses, but also for themselves. He is mentoring his employees and the people in his community to always make a difference in the lives of others.


  • Jeremiah’s value system
  • Why gratitude is important for centering perspective and bringing humility
  • He explains that resilience is crucial to pick ourselves up and stick to the basics.
  • To implement core values within the business identity and how simple actions like switching “thank you” to “I appreciate you” and doing charity work can make a difference
  • Jeremiah’s company uses a people analyzer to track their employees’ alignment with their core values and to coach them towards meeting expectations
  • The establishment of core values allowed
  • Jeremiah to focus on the purpose of his business rather than being driven by fear of money
  • Emphasizing the importance of meeting employees where they are and providing clear expectations, coaching, and feedback
  • Leveling up means continuously improving oneself and helping others achieve their goals, contributing to positive change in the world
  • Jeremiah’s goal is to help others without any financial gain and emphasizes the importance of accountability

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