Having a Clear Purpose in Business and How It Can Drive Success with Tammi Brannan – Episode 24

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May 24, 2023

Episode Description

In this podcast episode, Tammy Brannan, founder of the Blueprint Process, discusses the significance of recognizing one’s purpose and individuality in shaping businesses and work-life. The Blueprint Process assists professionals in identifying their purpose, leading to more effective work and better results. Tammy introduces the “Peanut Butter and Jelly Triangle” concept, enabling professionals to balance what they do, who they are, their relatable stories, and the emotional uplift they provide for more authentic and impactful marketing. The episode also features an exercise called the “battery tracker” to help employers analyze employees’ energy levels and adjust job roles accordingly for increased satisfaction and commitment. The episode emphasizes a giving-focused mindset, attracting the right clients and talent while maintaining workplace harmony and productivity.

Who’s The Guest? Tammi Brannan is a renowned entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and founder of Blueprint Process. Tammi is on a mission to help professionals identify their purpose, unlock their individuality, and pursue their greatest success. For many years, Tammi felt unfulfilled in her career and struggled with feeling like an imposter in her own life. However, after several years of personal development and introspection, Tammi discovered her passion for helping others recognize their potential. As the founder of the Blueprint Process, Tammi has developed a program that guides professionals through the process of uncovering their individuality and implementing it in the workplace. Through her unique approach, Tammi helps professionals identify their purpose, understand their strengths, and create a blueprint for their ideal careers. With her extensive experience as an entrepreneur and speaker, Tammi has helped countless individuals achieve their goals and realize their true potential.


  • Tammi’s “aha” moment realizing her life wasn’t a good fit, leading her to study her purpose, skills, values, and passions
  • Understanding the importance of purpose in life and work
  • Identifying purpose and how it affects a company or individual’s work
  • Using the Blueprint Process to make a job fit someone’s individuality, making it better for everyone involved
  • The impact of having a client’s purpose on a banner and constantly reminding them of their individuality in work
  • Tammi shares a success story of a financial advisor using their purpose for marketing
  • Using the “peanut butter and jelly triangle” concept to implement purpose into marketing strategy
  • Focusing on the gift, the emotional uplift given during the message, rather than offering something transactional
  • The journey of implementing the Blueprint Process in a company
  • Working with individual team members to best utilize their blueprints and increase overall satisfaction
  • The role of purpose in attracting and retaining talent
  • Using the battery tracker to identify which tasks energize employees and restructuring their job accordingly
  • Advertising and sharing the results of implementing the battery tracker to show potential employees your company’s commitment to their satisfaction
  • How companies stand out using the Blueprint Process, attracting more clients and engaged employees.

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