The Need For Innovation and Helping Others with Mathew Mulholland - Episode 57

The Need For Innovation and Helping Others with Mathew Mulholland – Episode 57

Level Up Claims
January 10, 2024

Episode Description

In the podcast, Mathew Mulholland, an expert and educator in the restoration industry, discusses his career progression, educational approach, and industry insights. He values education and works to make complex topics accessible, which has been affirmed by viewers of his training videos. He is dedicated to continuous learning, ensuring his material remains relevant.

Additionally, Mathew comments on challenges within the industry, such as inconsistencies in the appraisal process and the insufficient coverage obtained by public adjusters before involving attorneys. He proposes a structured information sharing platform but acknowledges the issues associated with its establishment.

Who’s the Guest?
Mathew Mulholland is an industry figure extremely well-versed in just about every aspect of the restoration industry.  From damage to claims and everything in-between, Mat is ready to talk about education and advocacy, as well as identify what areas of the industry need the most improvement, and how that can happen.


  • How people in the industry learn from their experiences and adapt their strategies to succeed
  • How Mat started his YouTube channel and realized he enjoyed educating others more than winning a claim
  • The different teaching styles within the industry and how he approaches his educational process
  • His determination to provide content and education that stays relevant and adaptable in the industry
  • Different problems in the appraisal process
  • The importance of full and proper industry education to prevent half-done work and potential harm to the appraisal process
  • Various social media platforms as forums for industry discussions
  • Creating a Georgia restoration collaboration group and the benefits of state-specific information

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