Putting In The Right Processes with Alicia Butler Pierre - Episode 82

Putting In The Right Processes with Alicia Butler Pierre – Episode 82

Level Up Claims
July 3, 2024

Episode Description

Galen Hair sits down with Alicia Butler-Pierre, founder and CEO of Equilibria Inc., to explore sustainable business growth. Alicia shares her journey from a chemical engineer to a best-selling author and business infrastructure expert, highlighting critical tools and processes for effective scaling. Don’t miss her actionable tips and insights on transitioning from founder to CEO and why documenting processes can make or break your business. Alicia’s expertise is invaluable for anyone aiming to level up their business operations.


  • Transition from aspiring journalist to chemical engineering.
  • Role at Monsanto as a process engineer.
  • Moving to Atlanta and starting an organization business.
  • Accidental invention of a business organizing process.
  • Importance of documenting processes.
  • Documentation issues affecting large corporations.
  • Practical tools: Using Zoom and Google Voice.
  • Notion: The ultimate organization tool.
  • Slack for internal communication efficiency.
  • Introduction to business infrastructure.
  • Recognizing when to step aside as a leader.
  • The transition from founder to CEO.
  • Simple actionable steps: index cards exercise.

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