How Public Adjusters Can Improve the Outcomes of their Claims with Shay Jaumé - Episode 53

How Public Adjusters Can Improve the Outcomes of their Claims with Shay Jaumé – Episode 53

Level Up Claims
December 13, 2023

Episode Description

Galen Hair interviews Shay Jaumé, a lawyer at Insurance Claim HQ, who shares her experiences ranging from her shift from accounting to law, and handling cases, particularly clay tile roof claims. She faced challenges with insurance adjusters failing to follow up on claims and omitting information, suggesting direct contact with manufacturers when dealing with salvage materials and strict scrutiny of any information given by the insurance. Shay emphasizes meticulous documentation of damages and the avoidance of superfluous written communication as crucial advice for contractors. She also shared about her personal challenges such as fear of public speaking and balancing family life, work, and studies during the pandemic.

Who’s the Guest?
Attorney Shay Jaumé loves nothing more than defending the rights of policyholders against insurance companies. She joined Hair Shunnarah Trial Attorneys as a law clerk in 2020 before becoming a full-time attorney with the firm in 2021.

Shay started her professional life as an accountant in Shreveport with a degree from Louisiana State University before shifting her focus to law. She graduated Loyola University New Orleans College of Law in May 2021 and was a member of Phi Delta Phi, the oldest legal fraternity in continued existence in the United States.



  • The adjustments required to balance parenting and law school
  • The considerations Shay makes when hiring an expert for a case
  • Her experience presenting at the Level Up Claims Summit
  • Insight into the challenges of working with clay tile cases, alluding to the arguments made by insurance companies and contractors in these situations
  • A case where the insurer requested an ITEL report from the roofer
  • How to verify the availability and quality of the tiles from the salvage yard
  • The challenges in getting information and the proper material from salvage yards are discussed
  • How she responds to different types of clients and situations when dealing with insurance companies
  • Her advice to contractors and public adjusters about the best ways to document damages and what to avoid
  • How she handles public speaking in court hearings and depositions compared to other public speaking situations

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