Making a Business More Efficient with Sam Drauschak - Episode 52

Making a Business More Efficient with Sam Drauschak – Episode 52

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December 6, 2023

Episode Description

Galen Hair interviewed Truvle’s co-founder, Sam Drauschak, about the importance of process mapping in businesses. They discussed how Truvle, a software with an intuitive interface, simplifies process mapping and allows for a smooth, interactive virtual whiteboard experience. Sam stressed the need for detailed process understanding before implementing changes, considering it akin to storytelling.

Who’s the Guest?
Sam Drauschak is co-founder and chief process scientist at Truvle, whose mission is to help businesses achieve maximum revenue growth through the principles of process science. He is the author of Becoming A Conscious Business, which details the insights he achieved by studying the efficiency in nature and evolution that determines the survival and growth of species. The Truvle method applies these same principles to business systems to maximize efficient flow and energy that results in the elimination of waste to achieve optimal efficiency.

As a leader at Truvle, Sam helps organizations achieve maximum efficiency in business processes and energy flow. He has developed the Truvle Mapping Language (TML), a universal process mapping language adopted as the standard for multiple large enterprises globally.



  • The process of process mapping
  • The necessity of understanding the existing process before making changes
  • How process mapping helped Fortune 500 companies improve their operations
  • The release of Truvle’s process mapping tool which aims to make the process mapping work accessible for more people
  • What is the goal of the whiteboard experience
  • The end goal of process mapping and the accuracy that it demands
  • Necessity to cut costs and increase revenues for all businesses
  • Improving processes without an accurate understanding of the current scenario

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