Journey from Investment Banking to Changing the Game with Sej Deribin - Episode 54

Journey from Investment Banking to Changing the Game with Sej Deribin – Episode 54

Level Up Claims
January 2, 2024

Episode Description

Galen welcomes Sej Deribin as she shares her journey transitioning from investment banking to the roofing industry. She discusses the challenges she faced entering a male-dominated industry and the unique processes she implemented to enhance efficiency within her company. Sej highlights her involvement with the National Women in Roofing, emphasizing the importance of education, networking, and collaboration among women in the industry. She also talks about the significance of ownership, independence, and teamwork in attracting and retaining talent within roofing companies. Throughout the conversation, Sej stresses the need for a balance between professional skills on paper and personal qualities such as energy, teamwork ethic, and personality when hiring for a successful team.

Who’s The Guest
Sej Deribin is the Co-Owner of Capitol Roofing. After 15 years in corporate banking in New York City, she shifted gears to roofing. Initially working at a startup, Sej pivoted solely to roofing amid the pandemic. As Capitol Roofing’s Operations Officer, she handles finances, marketing, and production. With her husband, she revamped the family business by introducing new procedures, a CRM system, and better bookkeeping. Despite limited marketing efforts, their company has thrived. Sej actively participates in National Women in Roofing and her local school’s PTO in Nutley, NJ, where she lives with her husband and two daughters, aged 8 and 10.



  • Sej’s struggles and challenges when starting out
  • The different lessons she learned that helped her progress in her career
  • Advice to newcomers in the property casualty industry
  • The importance of constant learning and the power of networking
  • Her future plans and her continual pursuit towards helping others in the property casualty insurance industry


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