Helping Contractors Grow Their Businesses with Aaron Hockel - Episode 18

Helping Contractors Grow Their Businesses with Aaron Hockel – Episode 18

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April 12, 2023

Episode Description

In this episode, Galen talks with Aaron Hockel of AltaVista Strategic Partners, a marketing firm that helps contractors grow their businesses. They discuss the significance of comprehensive marketing plans, avoiding common social media blunders, and staying informed about industry trends. Aaron emphasizes the importance of custom marketing plans, partnering with experienced professionals, and staying up-to-date on evolving technologies such as AI-generated content. They also explore the need for a fast-loading and visually appealing website, as well as addressing the issue of disappearing Google reviews.
Who’s The Guest? Aaron Hockel is a partner and vice president at AltaVista Strategic Partners. He is working with businesses to help them build and implement marketing plans that are designed to put warm sales opportunities into their pipelines. As a partner his duties to the firm cover two major areas: Service development and implementation: In this area Aaron is responsible for staying ahead of the latest marketing trends and ensuring our clients and prospective customers are doing the same.He develops new service channels and figures out how to implement them operationally before rolling them out to our portfolio of clients. Client acquisition and firm growth: In this area he is responsible for contributing to the overall growth of the firm’s revenue stream and client base with a focus on diversifying their client portfolio across industries, geographies, and product lines.
  • The importance of having goals and a comprehensive view of the client’s needs before executing a marketing plan
  • The misuse of social media by some clients before working with Altavista, including inconsistency in posting and lack of targeting in ads
  • Common errors in marketing and the importance of consistency and strategy
  • The use of multichannel marketing to increase visibility and drive customer loyalty
  • Example of utilizing multifaceted targeting techniques to tap into a specific local area
  • The importance of focusing on improving websites every day and meeting the balance between core web vitals and content delivery
  • Online reviews for home service businesses and how it can impact their growth.
  • Predictions on Google’s response to AI-generated content and how it may impact SEO and PPC