Leading a Successful Insurance Claims Business with Daniel Robosky – Episode 36

Level Up Claims
August 16, 2023

Episode Description

Galen Hair talks with Daniel Robosky who shares his journey from the army to leading a successful insurance claims business, Coastal Claims. He emphasizes the importance of adapting military-style organization and evaluation at his firm, encouraging growth among employees, and maintaining ethical business practices. He mentions the increasing trend of mediation in settling claims, stressing the need for businesses to adapt to industry changes. Daniel also underscores the necessity of proper planning and proactive measures, as well as the importance of educating contractors on claim representatives. He defines success as making a positive impact on others’ lives, which he believes will lead to his own success. Both Galen and Daniel stress that doing right by others is beneficial for all parties involved.

Who’s the Guest?
Daniel Robosky is the Principal Owner of Robosky Consulting, LLC which specializes in education and consulting in the insurance and construction fields. Also is the Director of Operations for Coastal Claims Services which is the one of the largest Public Insurance Adjusting firms in the country. Managing residential and commercial insurance claims, appraisal, and umpire services.


  • How Daniel started working in the claims business after ending his military service
  • The military’s organizational practices and their relevance in running a solid claims organization
  • The importance of data in running their firm, using it to plan for the future based on past performance
  • Training and support network required for employees, and the need for a clear process in identifying these needs
  • The ripple effect of training high-end claim handling people and giving them room to grow
  • The fear many in the industry have when their employees leave
  • Importance of training employees to ensure they provide positive impacts across the board
  • Their firm’s data-driven approach asserts confidently that no public adjusting firm in the country does what they do
  • How desperation can lead people to inflate claims
  • How success is measured by the success of his team and fostering an environment in which everyone can thrive

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