SEO & The Secret To Ranking High on Search Engines with Atiba De Souza - Episode 63

SEO & The Secret To Ranking High on Search Engines with Atiba De Souza – Episode 63

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February 21, 2024

Episode Description

Galen Hair discusses the importance of SEO and video marketing in a conversation with Atiba De Souza, an expert in the field. The conversation emphasizes utilizing video content to boost search rankings and to foster trust, given the recent reclassification by Google to be video-first responses. They stress the importance of branding, consistent video delivery, and authenticity. They encourage businesses to use platforms like YouTube to address common customer inquiries, enhancing their online visibility and fostering customer connection.

Who’s the Guest?
Atiba De Souza is the Content Superman. Decades of running an exclusive agency combined with hardcore technical skills — I’m talking CODE, people, REAL CODE! — have made him one of the few people with the skills and insight to marry emerging software and Google’s algorithm with an intuitive feel for the culture of every social media platform.

His clients call him the SEO Super Sleuth, the Business Ninja, the “Build Your Team” Guru, and the Super Connector! He was killing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) before the term was even invented, ranking regional and national brands in the US on page 1 of Google for over 15 years. His content strategies are not just bells and whistles; his vision is inspiring and his voice is thunderous in the B2B SEO space. Not even the best of the best can say that they ranked more than 3000 pages on the first page of Google results while helping companies enjoy qualified leads. This Superman CEO of a Video Marketing Agency has been featured on many renowned platforms including Traffic & Conversion Summit, Digital Marketer Blog, Fox, Digital Journals, The Times, & USA Today.



  • The importance of SEO in the age of AI given the proliferation of content, and the ways Google has adapted its policies accordingly
  • How video helps to create trust with potential customers, as it forms a human connection that written content cannot
  • The secret to outshining competition on YouTube by making the video title the question you’re answering in the video
  • The importance of authenticity: How you can start showcase your individuality and stay true to yourself when creating videos
  • What leveling up means for Atiba: Improving every day, regardless of how minute the progress may seem

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